House of Yoni

Creating opportunities for WOC to prioritize their wellness.


Thriving off community and partnerships.


Mindfulness Program

By centering Women of Color in the practice of yoga and meditation and offering a relatable space for these women to build community, we create a sense of belonging and an cultivate and openness to experience healing.
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Body Program

When we change the way we see and understand the foods we consume we create a new consciousness about the meaning of health. Introducing plant based foods into a lifestyle can bring one to a place of vibrant health where food becomes medicine.

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Spirit Program

The practice of sound healing dates back thousands of years where musical tones have been elevated, through sound vibration all of the world's cultures. As a universal language, vocal expression using tones and musical notes has been an untapped source of healing for Women of Color.

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Generating change through partnership.

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programs for the people

Dedicated to wellness.

As an organization owner by Women of Color, we are dedicating to bringing positive change to our community through the healing of ancient modalities.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops and collaborations through our mind, body and spirit programs, including yoga and meditation, sound healing and education on plant based living.


Our work begins in the heart of Oak Park.


recognition in our city

In the Press.

fox40 live | march 5, 2018

House of Yoni gets interviewed on Fox40 about the importance of creating spaces of wellness for Women of Color.

the proud show | february 21, 2018

Angie Franklin, the Director of the Mindfulness Program talks about the importance and origin of Afro Yoga in Sacramento.