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Our work is intentional in how it covers a broad spectrum of wellness for Women of Color. We aim to inspire wellness through a variety of healing modalities, and we do this through our mindfulness, body and spirit programs. Every dollar that is contributed to our organization, goes directly to funding classes, workshops, special events and other opportunities to give power to the Women of Color in our community. 

Our goal is to see Women of Color prioritizing the practices of wellness, not only in our programs but incorporating it into their daily lives. With the daily trauma that comes from being a person of color, we believe we offer an environment that is sought out but not easily accessed. 

This is the work of House of Yoni. To create those opportunities by providing the spaces and practices to serve a community who is seeking exactly what we are offering.


Mindfulness Program, 2018-19

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Yoga for the Kids
Programming that provides funding for yoga teachers to provide instruction in school districts of Greater Sacramento, specifically in underprivileged or low-income neighborhoods, i.e. South Sacramento, North Sacramento, Del Paso Heights.

Curvy Yoga
Yoga programming designed with curvy women in mind that enable true accessibility to the practice, offering increase self-esteem and physical health benefits that can help women who may be overweight.

Afro Yoga Studio
Opening a yoga studio that offers scaled or donation based classes to create accessibility to the practice. The studio would be multi-purposed and have space to develop the business side of the yoga business for upcoming teachers, and provide resources on-site including computers, desks and experts in the field. In addition, a kitchen would be available in the space to offer demos and collaborate with the Body Program of HOY. The space would be available to rent for events, classes, workshops, etc. and house teachers of color to instruct all classes.


Body Project, 2018-19

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2018-2019 PROJECTS

Back to your Roots Planting & Gardening
A Collaboration with Root Cellar Community Garden

Sustainable Gardening for the Youth
A Collaboration with Voice of the Youth & VeganHeir

Educational Food Demos


Spirit Project, 2018-19


BrownSeed is an offering of sound meditation classes and workshops that aim to
provide a warm and nurturing environment that centers women of color’s healing
and well-being.

The Sound Sanctuary is a monthly class for anyone interested in sharing a
meditation experience combined with sound therapy using singing bowls, vocal
toning, improvisation and storytelling.

Meditation Mama: Postpartum Sound Meditation for New Mothers
This special class focuses on deep breathing, vocal toning and tuning to help restore and
rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit while supporting baby bonding time with mom.