mindfulness program

When you practice yoga and meditation, you discover ways to connect with yourself and harmonize with the world around you.


The Mindfulness Program of HOY aims to create opportunities for people of color to participate in the practices of yoga and meditation while building community. By offering classes that provide a safe environment for people to delve into deeper self-awareness, we can cultivate mindfulness in our communities and strengthens the connection with others and ourselves.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Bhagavad Gitta.

Many people do not know that yoga actually originated in Ancient Egypt. The ancient Dravidians of this region migrated to India and yoga became widely known a thousand years later. Since then, it has become popularized out of India and know has a massive global reach. The benefits of yoga have been known for thousands of years. There is a science of the practice that has been studied that shows incredible benefits, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

People overall are drawn to the practice because of it’s ability to help people find a sense of peace and calm amidst their often chaotic lives. In the times we are living in, nothing can be more valuable than having the tools to cope with daily stress and responsibilities in a positive way. Yoga offers that opportunity. As outlined by the ancient sages, yoga is a path to enlightenment, whereby with use of certain principles, physical practices, breathing techniques and meditation, one can reach a place of supreme bliss, often called Samadhi.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

·       Decreases stress

·       Relieves anxiety

·       Improves flexibility

·       Promotes healthy eating habits

·       Builds muscle strength

·       Relaxes your system

·       Helps you sleep better

·       Cultivates peace of mind

·       Builds awareness for transformation

·       Helps with inner guidance

·       Encourages self-care


2018-2019 PROJECTS

Yoga for the Kids

Programming that provides funding for yoga teachers to provide instruction in school districts of Greater Sacramento, specifically in underprivileged or low-income neighborhoods, i.e. South Sacramento, North Sacramento, Del Paso Heights.


Curvy Yoga

Yoga programming designed with curvy women in mind that enable true accessibility to the practice, offering increase self-esteem and physical health benefits that can help women who may be overweight.


Afro Yoga Studio
Opening a yoga studio that offers scaled or donation based classes to create accessibility to the practice. The studio would be multi-purposed and have space to develop the business side of the yoga business for upcoming teachers, and provide resources on-site including computers, desks and experts in the field. In addition, a kitchen would be available in the space to offer demos and collaborate with the Body Program of HOY. The space would be available to rent for events, classes, workshops, etc. and house teachers of color to instruct all classes.


Afro Yoga Playlists


Afro Yoga | No. 8


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Afro Yoga | Lituation


Afro Yoga | Yin (Slow flow)