Join The Cause

Our bread and butter is our ability to leverage our collaborations and partnerships. We know the importance of working with our community for our community, which is why we offer volunteer and internship opportunities to sync our vision of uplifting Women of Color.

If you are interested in joining the cause, we would love to chat further on finding a way to work together to continue growing the movement of wellness for us.



As a volunteer at House of Yoni, you will be a critical piece of the movement by assisting with the moving parts and nuances of facilitating events and workshops. This is a great opportunity to get involved in your community and do something to generate change. 

What We Are Looking For
We love having people on the team that are flexible and open to new experiences. You may be asked to assist in any one of our programs, in which basic administrative  and organizational skills will be required. This will be a fun and enriching experience in which you can learn, provide support and find a sense of fulfillment in doing good for your community.


An internship varies from a volunteer position in that you may be asked to provide more hands on and behind-the-scenes assistance. This can range from assisting with video and audio recording and editing, helping facilitate events, sending emails or correspondence to potential partners or collaborators, and a range of other possibilities. This is a great opportunity to see the inner workings of the un-glamorous parts of running a non-profit that can help you build skills that can become valuable for your own ventures.  

Social Media Marketing
Grant Writing
Fiscal Development
Program Assisitance
Audio/Visual Recording and Editing
Campaign Management
Coalition Building