Our Vision

Creating opportunities.


For the People

House of Yoni is dedicated to creating opportunities for Women of Color to prioritize their wellness, build community, and generate change through partnership.

With a mind, body and spirit approach to our individual and group offerings, we aim to provide spaces that offer opportunities to heal and grow. Together.

We know that the strength of sisterhood and power of connection in our communities is where our magic is. This is the work we do.

For the Donors.

We are a unique collaborative non-profit organization that offers multiple programs that target the same community. In this way we are incredibly effective at reaching marginalized communities, as we utilize resources from each of our programs to uplift the community.

Leaf + Lotus represents our mindfulness programs, providing yoga and meditation as well as business tools to budding  teachers of color. From the seed to the fruit, our mindfulness program aims to provide a safe haven for Women of Color to experience yoga and meditation in spaces that welcome them and give them the comfort of community.

Huglife by Niva Flor represents our spirit programs, helping women reclaim their voice through sound and vocal expressions. This segment of our programs is unique in that the world has often asked us to be quiet, while this program asks us to release the strength of the voice inside of us. As we work to build up the Woman of Color, understanding the power of being heard and the message that we have within is critical to the advancement of our people.

Veganheir represents our body program, inspiring our people to a healthier lifestyle and giving us to knowledge to break away from old traditions that have been detrimental to our society. Our body program works to educate Women of Color on how to incorporate plant based foods and provides the tools towards transition. This program centers the power of food to be the medicine and healing of our community.


Angie Franklin, Executive Director
Bambi Williams, Executive Director
Aja Holmes, Treasurer
Niva Flor, Secretary
House of Yoni, Founders