Success Stories

When you provide the opportunity for people to be represented, give them permission to be heard, and show them the tools to heal themselves, it changes the course of HERstory.


1. Afro Yoga by Angie Conquers Sacramento.


Since Afro Yoga came on the scene in August of 2017, it has been a trailblazing movement. Created out of inspiration to hold spaces for Women of Color to be represented in the wellness community, Afro Yoga became more than just a yoga class, it's a movement.

Angie has a number of regular and new students attending her classes and continues to partner with local organizations and businesses to bring Afro Yoga to underserved communities.

She has partnered and offered Afro Yoga classes to the Black Student Union at Sacramento State University, at University of Pacific Sacramento Campus, with South Restaurant for Afro Yoga Brunch, and has held Train the Trainer Workshops for Black Infant Health of the Health and Human Services Department.

She has also collaborated with The Proud Show to highlight local businesses and individuals of color and has upcoming collaborations with Activism Articulated, Lululemon Athletica Arden Store, Bigger Than Us Arts, and more.

All of her events can be found on her Afro Yoga Facebook page. She currently teaches classes at Huglife Wellness Studio, the Good Saint and RAW Yoga Center. Sign up for classes here.

As part of the Mindfulness Program 2018, Angie plans to brings donation based yoga classes throughout Sacramento that center Women of Color. She also aims to attain grants and funding to open an Afro Yoga studio and collaborate with local leaders and organizations to further the work of social justice and racial equity in the wellness community.

“Afro Yoga has been an amazing addition to my life. It has given me a place to feel safe, welcome and has allowed me to find and maintain an inner tranquility. And Angie, the yoga teacher, is absolutely amazing.”

— T. Barnes | Afro Yoga Participant

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2. Niva's Sound Healing Magnetizes the People.


Huglife Wellness Studio was founded in 2015 by ethnomusicologist, vocal artist, and sound healing practitioner Niva Flor, Ph.D. as a creative intervention and rhetorical celebration of radical self-love.  

Born into a Southern working class family in a leafy small town in the Jersey suburbs, Niva's earliest memories of music were at home. The guttural earthy tones of classic soul singer Gladys Knight and the virtuoso cosmic wails of Chaka Khan, were like comfort food for her soul. Their voices felt like freedom -- freedom is love. And where there is love there is healing. 

Deeply inspired by the Afro diasporic musical traditions and sounds of Brazil, West Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America,  India and North American  Blues and Soul, Niva's uses her voice and musical instruments to create a soundscape for healing, infusing the ancient with the contemporary as a mode of healing in powerful ways. 

Niva Flor received her B.A. in music from Spelman College, and her M.A. and Ph.D in Ethnomusicology from the University of California Los Angeles. Niva received her certification in the Sound, Voice and the Healing Arts  program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2016. 

Niva offers Sound Healing classes at Huglife Wellness Studio and has been invited to the Crocker Arts Museum and the Oakland Museum of California as a featured guest. She's also led a number sound healing classes and workshops in the Bay Area.

As part of the Spirit Program 2018, Niva intends to host a series of classes and collaborative workshops to help Women of Color heal through vocalized expression and sound. Niva is also looking to generate fiscal support to will enable her to compose and create original sound meditation music which will incorporate traditional and contemporary musical styles and genres.


3. Bambi and Aja Heal their Families with Food.


Bambi and Aja are two prime examples of what happens when people begin to question their traditions and educate themselves to attain greater health. Both Bambi and Aja have dealt with health complications that were deemed irreversible. Left with no other option, they began seeking holistic alternatives and educated themselves on how to eat for optimal health. With inspiration from Dr. Sebi and alternative holistic healers, they  eventually transitioned to a plant based lifestyle. 

Having healed themselves through conscious food choices, they became an influence to their families and inspired interest in plant based eating. Realizing the power of these foods, they also began incorporating other aspects of health including medicinal herbs and exercise.

After seeing the effects that these practices had on them and their families, they decided to open their knowledge to educate their community.

They have nailed down a critical part of the plant based lifestyle and often the most difficult part - the transition. Assisting people with kitchen conversions, educating them on food choices through grocery shopping assistance and teaching people how to meal prep has been at the core of their services.

As part of their objectives for the Body Program 2018, they will build on their current services by giving workshops on ecoliteracy and applying for grants to build a community garden. They will offer classes on urban farming to educate and provide organic foods for underserved communities.